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Water heater repair is a big part of what we do here at Plumbing of Humble. Have you been putting up with aggravating malfunctions that are involving your heating tank and you are finally prepared to end them once and for all? If so, call in our plumbers and this will be made far easier than you ever could have expected.

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Heating Experts Who Can Fix Your Tanks

Is your water heater leaking? This could mean a couple of different things depending on the origin of it. If you are noticing leakage from the bottom, this could signify a crack or a hole on the base of your tank. This is a huge issue and it should be handled by a licensed plumber immediately. If it is at the top, then you may simply have a loose or ill-fitting pipe that needs to be tightened or replaced. A tankless electric water heater is an awesome piece of technology that millions of our Texas customers have grown to love over the year. With this in your residence, you will not have to worry about making room and moving things around to fit a tank inside of your home. They are small boxes that can be installed all around the house!


Let Us Install Your Water Heater

If you are ever requiring a water heater installation, then Plumbing of Humble can be on the job in no time. Our experts have been installing tanks for years and they know what to do to get yours set up in no time. Simply call us and give us a good date to be there, and we’ll handle the rest. Worried that your water heater services are going to cost more money than you currently have saved up? While this is a valid concern, it will not be for long because our Texan technicians know what to do to save you money. Check out those coupons!

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